REINER speed-i-jet 798

The REINER speed-i-jet 798 is a convenient and low-cost solution for printing a single line of text onto porous surfaces including paper, cardboard, timber and textiles.

Print messages are created using PC-based software and sent to the speed-i-jet via USB. Variable data including date, time and counters can be automatically printed with a fixed character height of 3.2mm. The printer is simply rolled over the product surface and the trigger pressed to start printing. Left-to-right or right-to-left printing is possible.

Red and black water-based inks are available and the cartridge can be swapped at any time to change colour.


Print contents: 1 line of text - up to 40 characters
Text size: 3.2mm high
Technology: Inkjet
Print Direction: Left-to-right or right-to-left
Inks: Water-based black and red for porous surfaces only
Interfaces: USB
Dimensions: 173 x 32 x 43mm
Weight: 125g
Kit contents: Printer, rechargeable batteries, ink cartridge, PC-Set software, mains charger, data cable
Battery life: 1000 prints / 30 days
Charging: 90-240Vac @ 50-60Hz or via PC USB port

Simple 2-Step Operation

REINER speed-i-jet 798 handheld inkjet printer

1. Design

Using REINER PC Set software, create print message and send to printer via USB.

Martek official UK REINER distributor

2. Print

Roll the speed-i-jet 798 over the product and press trigger to print.


Operation Video

REINER speed-i-jet 798 handheld inkjet printer