jetStamp 790MP

The Reiner 790MP is a simple handheld inkjet printer designed for printing text onto porous and non-porous surfaces. One or two lines of text can be printed with up to 20 characters per line. Due to its design, the jetStamp 790 is ideally suited for printing onto small and awkward-shaped products including bottles, jars, pouches, small cartons and sleeves.

The jetStamp 790MP comes with 25 pre-loaded standard print images including many common layouts. There are also 4 user-defined print image slots which can be easily configured using the printer's display or PC-based PC Set Easy software with messages including text, date, time, offset date and counters. Black and yellow inks are available.


Print contents: 2 lines of text, up to 20 characters per line
Text size: 3.2mm
Technology: Inkjet
Print Direction: Any
Print contents: Text, date, time, offset date, counters
Print speed: 0.7 seconds
Battery capacity: Approx. 500 prints
Dimensions: 80 x 96 x 170mm (print unit)
Weight: 450g
Interface: USB
Inks: Water-based black for porous surfaces; solvent-based black and yellow for non-porous surfaces
Kit contents: Print unit, dock, rechargeable batteries, USB cable, ink cartridge, PC Set Easy software, charger
Power for charging: 100-240Vac @ 50-60Hz

Simple 3-Step Operation

Reiner 790MP handheld inkjet printer

1. Design

Using PC Set software, select one of the 4 user-editable memory slots. Create print image containing text, date, time, offset date and counters. Transfer new print image to the jetStamp 790MP via USB. Up to 4 user-defined print images can be edited and stored.

Reiner 790 handheld inkjet printer

2. Select

Using the printer controls, select the required print image. As well as the 4 user-editable memory slots, the jetStamp 790MP also has 25 pre-defined formats to choose from. The number of user editable slots can be upgraded to 10 at time of ordering.

Reiner 792 handheld inkjet printer

3. Print

Simply hold the jetStamp 790MP on the product surface and pull the trigger to start printing. The printhead traverses within the frame of the printer to make the print in under 1 second. For bolder print, the printer can be set to print the image twice.

Operation Video

REINER jetStamp 790MP